Flat Roofs

Why a Flat Roof?

Alamo Roofing specializes in virtually every kind of material for the construction of flat roofs. This includes modified bitumen, EPDM, and TPO. There are several benefits of flat roofs for both commercial and residential buildings.

Flat roofs allow home and business owners to utilize roof space and make the most of their square footage. Many homeowners in El Paso especially enjoy flat roofs because they can place their air conditioning units up off of the ground and on the roof. Having a flat roof also allows for easier access to the roof for inspection. It’s important to have an understanding of the materials used in flat roof construction in order to make the best decision for your home or business. Businesses often place industrial HVAC units on flat roofs. For commercial purposes, a flat roof might be more economical as well.

Flat Roof Materials in El Paso

EPDM, a kind of rubber, is among the most widely used flat roofing materials on the market. Rubber roofing tends to be inexpensive, and the installation process is quick and easy, reducing labor costs. Important to those in the El Paso area, modern rubber roofing is not susceptible to UV rays. They can also last 50 years or more. If EPDM roofing ever does have a leak, repairs are simple and extremely inexpensive. Rubber roofing is also 100% recyclable at the end of its long life. It is available in white to reduce energy usage and lower utility bills. This is a great option for business owners looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly option.

Modified bitumen is an evolved form of asphalt roofing material. It performs extremely well in cold weather because it’s highly flexible. Even in below-freezing temperatures, modified bitumen does not crack or create leaks. Like EPDM, modified bitumen is available in light colors for cooling efficiency and is recyclable.

TPO is another kind of rubber roofing. EDPM is a black membrane available with a white laminated top, but TPO is naturally white. This is one of the reasons TPO is so widely used. TPO is also inexpensive, making it a popular choice for large commercial buildings. Again, the white color makes it an energy efficient selection.

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