When Should I Replace my Roof Shingles in El Paso?

Shingle roofs are often the least likely to show clear signs of decay. It can be difficult to know whether a few shingles need to be repaired or the entire roof needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs that probably indicate your entire roof needs to be replaced or repaired:

Shingle Wear and Tear: If your shingles are curved or completely curled, or if they are cracked, your roof needs to be inspected and probably replaced. Another red flag is bald spots where granules have fallen off.

Roof Age: If your roof is over 20 years old or many of your neighbors seem to be getting new roofs, it’s probably time to prepare for a new one for your own home. If your roof looks overall old and worn, it’s time for a roof replacement.

Discoloration: If your roof shingles have visible dark streaks in one or more areas, you may be able to repair the roof rather than investing in a new one. Often these dark streaks are caused by airborne algae and can be removed.

Moss: Though uncommon in the El Paso area, moss can sometimes grow in areas that don’t see a lot of sunlight. This is not usually a pressing issue, but it should still be inspected to avoid possible future damage.

I Have Missing or Damaged Shingles – Now What?

The weather in El Paso is often at fault for problems with roof shingles. Strong winds can lift the layers of materials. Hail storms can cause weakened roof shingles. The strong heat during the long summer months can cause shrinkage of the underlying membrane and can cause roof shingles to crack and curl. If your shingled roof has visible shingle damage such as cracks or tears, or is missing shingles, it’s probably time to look into getting a new roof. Especially in the constant heat and sunshine in El Paso, this kind of damage can be indicative of poor shingle quality or a sign that your roof has reached the end of its life.

At Alamo Roofing, we pride ourselves in being both professional and honest. We’ll only let you invest in a brand new roof if you need it. Otherwise, we will work to restore your shingles and ensure that your roof is both safe and attractive! We offer Owens Corning shingles, the leading shingle manufacturer. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate!